Kimra Luna

Freedom Hackers

Laura Wright

Master Sales Coach, EPIC at Sales

We were in need of support with the management and delivery of various upcoming projects and reached out to colleges who recommend Sylvie to us. Our first experience with Sylvie with her relaxed and supportive vibe made the decisions to work with her easy. During the time Sylvie was with us she balanced out the sometimes intense, reactive energy with a calm and productive outlook. Sylvie covered quite a lot of bases while with us, project management, strategy advice and support implementing our funnels, she was also the go to for our operators and VA team. It was great to have somebody in place to support us as in these areas and helped us realize where we needed to build our team moving forward. The most important thing to know about Sylvie is she is not going to make rash reactive decisions, she’s calm under pressure and will spend time considering the best option for moving forward. An asset to a team that needs a calm head and a good understanding of how to see a project from beginning to end.

Emily & James Williams, I Heart My Life