Wouldn’t you rather be voice-noting the inspiration for your new program?

Or treating yourself to a well-deserved spa day unplugged from everything in

celebration of your hard work and success?

I am here to help you set the world on fire!

Working with service providers in a high-stress environment has prepared me to remain cool as a cucumber in any situation.

I anticipate my client’s needs and act before being asked, as if reading their mind (insert cool new-age music here). Because happy clients are the key to your success…

Am I right?

How does this translate for you in your business?

You are free to share the goals and outline of your business with me, and I can identify the detailed tasks which need to be completed in each component to increase your brand visibility, your following, your message, and your business.

The in-depth and exclusive nature of my work means I am available for only a limited number of clients. 

More than an intern you need to babysit and spoon-feed (because face it, you haven’t done babysitting since you were in middle school and you are not about to go back there now!), but your right-hand project manager and funnel squad who sees your success as our success. I oversee your projects so you can focus on the Big Picture.